Government & Military

Government And Military Embroidery

Almost everyone has seen pictures of federal agents at a crime scene in dark windbreakers with “FBI” embroidered across the back, or a soldier wearing sergeant’s stripes on the shoulder of his U.S. Army uniform.  You have most likely never considered–and would probably be surprised at–the intense work that went into embroidering these uniforms.

Embroidery for the government and military can often be especially intricate and difficult.  Here at NuWave Embroidery, located in Fredericksburg, VA, we specialize in government embroidery.  While NuWave offers embroidery for anything from hats to t-shirts to uniforms for organizations from clubs to schools, our close proximity to Washington, D.C., and Quantico has given us extensive experience in the complex, specialized logos and emblems of the government and military markets.

Military Embroidering

The rich imagery and metaphor portrayed in the very specific designs and colors of military and law enforcement embroidery requires an experienced, masterful touch.  In addition, there are obviously very strict regulations and restrictions applied to military embroidery, and, in spite of modern advances in technology (including printing/embroidery technology), most of the embroidery still requires a lot of work to be done by hand.

Typically, when most people think of law enforcement or military embroidering, they simply think of patches on uniforms.  In reality, however, law enforcement and military embroidering spans a very wide range of products.  Baseball hats, ribbons, polo shirts, t-shirts: these are just a few requests that an embroidery company may see from the military or law enforcement.

Government Embroidering

Government embroidery presents many of the same issues as military embroidery.  Agencies have very specific needs for logos and patches their hats, shirts, and uniforms.  NuWave Embroidery specializes in these sometimes difficult designs, and our team will work with you to make sure your embroidery meets the particular standards of your organization.

Beyond the very detailed embroidery designs required by the government and military, each design will be partially dependent on the size of the patch/embroidering, etc.  Obviously, these added challenges necessitate a competent embroidery service that understands the expectations and requirements of government and military products.

Another Consideration
NuWave Embroidery provides an extensive variety of embroidery options useful in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Our company offers proven expertise in the unique and demanding field of government and military embroidering, all for exceptionally reasonable prices.  You can work confidently with any of our artists for all your government or military embroidery needs.

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