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Screen Printing Fredericksburg

Screen printing on t-shirts, bags, and other pieces of clothing can promote your company or enhance your organization in ways that you may have never thought about. Take the time to come in to our location in Fredericksburg or give us a call with any questions that you might have. You will find a variety of options for screen printing, and we can recreate your existing art if needed.

For 12 Or More
Screen printing is the process of using a stencil to apply ink to shirts, jackets, bags and more. The advantage of screen printing is that large quantities can be produced rapidly at a low cost. Because of the set up process, a minimum of 12 items is always required when placing this kind of order.

Our pricing is based on number of colors in the design, as well as the number of locations printed. Type of garment, quality, and color of the product also affect pricing. Our suppliers are always having sales which could also affect the cost, so email or give us a call for the best pricing.

Your company will benefit from screen printing as a marketing technique. Screen printing is basically a very detailed stencil that, color by color, prints a picture on fabric or other materials. The screen itself is made of mesh. In order to make the stencil, negative areas are covered, so that only certain parts will have color. Many manufacturers prefer screen printing because it offers more versatility than other printing techniques.

Quality is also very important when it comes to the materials used on your orders. We use only the top quality t-shirts and apparal for our screen printing orders. You will not need to worry about the shirt or other apparal wearing out before you get to advertise your company or celebrate your team.

Having an eye for what looks good is an important attribute of our screen printing promotional business. We have the talent on our side that will make your advertising products works of art. Whether the design is your own or you choose to use our designs, the layout and colors will be pleasing to the eye and draw those who see it to your company.

If you have not yet chosen a screen printing embroidery company to print your products, the choice is easy! Our company will provide you with the best screen printing, quality, and visual appeal that you could hope for. Come by our showroom today so that you can see for yourself and get estimates on what your order will cost. You will find that our affordability is just as much a draw as the variety of services we offer. Do not put off what may be the best advertising technique that your business could employ.

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