Heat Press

Heat Press Fredericksburg

There are lots of options for this type of decorating. We have all colors of vinyl to choose from as well as glitter and holographic options that are fun and dramatic.  We use a commercial grade cutter and heat press to create names, numbers and simplistic designs. So if you need names and or numbers on the back of your parks and rec t-shirts or a happy birthday large cupcake on one shirt, this is the process that is most appropriate and cost effective.

It is important to have a way to market your company or advertise your school. If you are going to use some type of clothing such as a t-shirt to advertise, then you will want to have quality printing done that will last. Our products are high quality, and our company uses a heat press that will leave you with a long-lasting product.

As you consider the best product to promote and advertise your business, you should consider several important areas. Our company will provide you with heat pressed items, quality materials, and a lasting product. These are essentials as you decide to order advertising items.

How It Works
A heat press machine works as you might expect from its name. It is a machine that presses down on an object such as a shirt or hoodie, transferring lettering and/or design to it.
Heat Press can used to put a design on something, and can also be used to imprint. In the past customers have expressed concern about this process, thinking that the design or name will peel off.  Good news! Today’s technology has progressed to the point that our heat pressed letters and numbers outlast the shirts themselves! So your heat pressed design will still look brand new, even after 50 washes or more.  With digital technology, the results are even better due to the precision of heat, pressure, and timing. A heat press is a technique that offers patterns and effects that may not be possible with other techniques.

Quality materials are another area that you need to consider before your next order. Ordering products that are made from inexpensive materials will only cost you more in the long run. T-shirts will wear out, and you will need to order more.  Purchasing quality from the start will save you money, and all that our company produces is quality.  A lasting product is our company’s ultimate goal, and it should be your goal as well.

After looking at what our company has to offer, we hope that you will make the quality choice that will last. If you have any questions about products created through heat press printing, give us a call today and we will be glad to assist you. You can also stop by our shop in Fredericksburg, VA to see what our techniques are for using the heat press, and take a look at our designs as well.  If you are planning on using your own design for your products, bring it along, and we will tell you whether it will work for what you want to have done.


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